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  • Pursuit 2 Prosperity Academy

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  • 1:1 Mastermind Group Coaching

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Hey, I'm Megan Stark

I'm a Mama of 2 wild boys, Wife to the hardest working cowboy (Trevor), Rancher, Coach, Health & Fitness Advocate, Entrepreneur and Your Biggest Motivator to Rebel against Mediocrity!

Throughout my entire life I have always known I was meant to help and serve others. I was meant for the entrepreneurial life.

I've always dreamed of owning my own ranch, raising our own quality cattle and horses, creating a life of freedom and prosperity with my family to build a lasting legacy for generations to come but never understood how to do it until I enrolled in a mastermind group / course that completely changed the course of our success.

Like many, I've faced many challenges throughout my life from divorce, heart failure, financial struggles and more. Amidst all of the trials and wins, Trevor and I have flourished in our lives, marriage and businesses unitedly.

Y'all if I can do it so can you! Everything you want and feel drawn towards is absolutely possible for you too!

My Mission is to help you dominate your life and business creating insane success. I help break down your walls holding you back. Define your vision to live a prosperous life and give you the tools to build a legacy.

You're here because you're destined for Greatness! Whether you're just getting started, or feeling stuck, or are growing but ready scale, I want to help you create your ultimate vision and define your freedom!