Pursuit to Prosperity (P2P) Academy

One of my biggest passions in life is Agriculture and our community that helps it thrive. So Im here today to help you and other amazing small business owners, farmers and ranchers succeed not just for you but for future generations!

Triangle S Livestock family

So why is P2P Academy right for you? How will it help my operation or small business?

If you're ready for:

  • A boost of Confidence
  • Focus & Clarity
  • Happiness & Passion for what you do
  • Financial Freedom
  • Growth & Expansion
  • More Opportunity
  • More Time
  • Complete Alignment in your life & business

Then you're in the right place! Get ready to radically change your life and your business when you sign up for our P2P academy!

1st I want you to STOP and THINK about this for a minute, put things into better perspective...

When you put up a new pipe corral, whats one of the 1st things you do? Plan, Draw & Measure. Once you have that done, then you work the ground to get it ready. Then you start putting in the steel posts. Now the posts have to be placed strategically and as straight & even as possible. Then weld the top cap poles on top to stabilize the posts and secure everything to prevent sagging and etc. Then you have to measure more and make sure to put the continuous fencing in the exact spots. Then you weld the fencing on the posts and here pretty soon you have a nice, even, strong, long lasting corral that will last a lifetime almost....

What I'm getting at with this corral is if you dont have it all in alignment and done correctly or welded on right, it will fall apart. It will deteriorate quickly and here pretty soon you're going to have to make repairs, fixes or even fully replace again if not done right. It matters how the foundation is done and how well your corral is put together, otherwise it'll fall apart. The same metaphor goes for you!

Set yourself up to be able to weather out a bad storm and come out just as strong if not stronger than before it even started.

When you are out of alignment, like the fence, you will do the same. Things will go ok for a while but you'll fall apart soon enough and have to struggle and start over again & again. If you make shortcuts and do things the "easy & quick" way all you are doing is setting yourself up to fail, eventually. Stop skipping steps because you dont want to do it because its easier.

Do & face it all to get yourself completely aligned and build a strong foundation for your future. Work on YOU & your relationships, become more confident and find your happiness, learn how to get rid of the stress and handle challenges with ease. Face your fears. Have fun!

Learn how to run and control your life & business with ease and not letting it run & control you! Face your finances & learn to control them. Know how to run your business, learning the basics and daily operations. How to organize, market and grow. All of the tools are here for you to become an insane success...you just need to make the decision to press go!

It's really not rocket science, its just simply having the right tools in your pocket to set yourself up to succeed and thrive. You need the right tools to set yourself up properly so you can get to where you want to go FASTER. So STOP being like everyone else & break away from the normal BS, Please!

Break away from Mediocrity, define your Uniqueness and Skyrocket your business!

Pursuit to Prosperity Academy (P2P) is the key to your future success! You'll seriously thank your future self for signing up for this rad opportunity.

This interactive program will be apart of a live recorded interactive training to help keep you moving forward and keep the momentum going.

What's Included in this Course?

  • Live Training & Coaching
  • 1:1 with Megan & the P2P group
  • Bi-Weekly Q & A Calls with Megan
  • Recorded course trainings to learn at your own pace
  • Megan's Tracker
  • Simple Worksheets to stay focused
  • Copy & Paste templates, custom links and resources to help give you a head start & lead in your business!
  • Exclusive Facebook Group for Ongoing Community & Peer Support
  • Lifetime access to the course, new/updated trainings, peer group / community support & exclusive offers
  • Optional Guidebook


  • Module 1: Retraining Your Mindset For Success

    Unlocking your Full Potential & Transform your life by simply unraveling and reshaping your mindset. Understanding your triggers, why you do the things that you do and ultimately discovering what IGNITES your passions and Hinders your success. Overcome negative patterns so you can build unshakeable confidence not only in yourself but those around you.

  • Module 2: Building a Strong Business Foundation

    Build a purposeful and thriving business with heart by strategically planning your structure, envisioning impactful goals, navigating legalities with integrity, Managing Your Finances with intent, maintaining quality records, define everyone's roles & responsibilities, and choosing a niche that resonates with your purpose that connects directly to your clientele.

  • Module 3: Success Through Strategic Action

    Take control of each day through purposeful actions that set yourself up to be positively productive. Gain resilience with learning how to over come setbacks productively, Celebrating you and your teams achievements encouraging a fun & uplifting environment which increases productivity. Fostering effective COMMUNICATION with respect and strategically plan for continuous growth and expansion.

  • Module 4: How to Master Your Market

    Control your own success with your direct-selling roadmap. Set yourself apart from everyone else with your specific personal branding. Connect on a more intimate level with your customers. Diversify your income, master your marketing, build a website, sell online and create influential partnerships. Learn to ship orders efficiently and excel in your customer service. This module fully equips you with the essentials to thrive in your business and give you the confidence to do this yourself!

  • * BONUS MODULE 5: Using A.I. (artificial intelligence) to your Advantage

    NOT to be confused with artificial insemination (lol), A.I. can really help you skyrocket your business by saving countless hours and thousands of dollars when used properly. Learn to use A.I. for your marketing, customer service, planning, and daily operations of your business.

This course is literally PACKED with so much gold and so many rad things that we have learned throughout the years and continue to learn and share with you.

I have this course split into 5 small individual courses (coming soon) or this complete all-in-one course. So you have options depending on where you're at or not at with your business. I like to give y'all options as I understand everyone has different needs.

So choose what is right for you, push yourself out of your comfort zone and get moving on what can help you achieve success faster.

I cannot wait to share all of this information with you and see you absolutely CRUSH it in your business!
Your success is my success and all I want is to see you THRIVE!

Let's absolutely crush it together in your life and business so you can flourish and dominate your future!

You got this, now let's get after it!